OSU! Getting Ready for Karate Training: Proper Regimen and Basic Belt Colors

“Why Karate?” Not an unfamiliar question we often hear. Speaking to a handful of karate students often reveal a few common interest and purpose traits; of pursuing this martial art. Some took this up because they want to be able to fight with style on international platforms, some joined because they knew about the benefits of karate, and others simply explore karate because they are looking for fitness programme with practical self-defence moves. If you live in the AU seeking Karate Perth dojos, you should know what you’re getting into first since doing Karate means committing to it for the longer haul.

First Thing’s First: Knowing the Basic Belt Colors

Upon entering a dojo (training ground) for the first time, you would notice that students are denoted by the different belt colours they wear. The belt colours not only symbolises seniority but also serves as inspiration and guidance for each student of Karate in Perth dojos at different levels; both in techniques as well as the attitude in daily life.

In the journey of grading, the belt colour changes from that of junior’s to senior’s belt:

The junior’s colours are:

– White

– Orange

– Blue

– Yellow

Observing the Proper Training and Exercise Regimen

Food & Drinks

Everybody has a different body system. It is hard to gauge how much you should eat or drink before you start your training lesson. As a general guide:

– Large meals for at least three to four hours before exercising.

– Small meals for at least two to three hours before exercising.

– Small snacks at least an hour before exercising.

Eating too much (feeling full and bloated) before you train can leave you feeling lethargic, have stomach cramps or worse, diarrhea. Eating really little may not give you the energy to keep you feeling strong throughout your workout.

Some people like to load on bites prior to training that can help boost your sugar level to avoid low blood sugar symptoms (such as feeling tired, lack of energy, mild giddiness). These light snacks can be energy bars, energy drinks, chocolates, banana, papaya, apple, etc.

Hydration is Key

You should hydrate yourself adequately before exercising. Let your past experience in exercising be a guide to how much water you should take before training. At the Perth Karate dojo, there is usually a 5-minute break during the training which you can hydrate yourself. Some Karate Perth dojo karate students like to bring along with them sports drinks which may help replace the loss of water in your body faster.

Stretch, Stretch & Stretch

If you can, do try to arrive at dojo slightly earlier before the commencement of your lesson to do your own stretching. Stretching is important in every training lesson as every Karate student in great Karate Perth dojos is expected to be flexible and nimble over time such that you can deliver high-power kicks as well as punches with great impact and speed. Pre-training stretching also allows you to recap what your Sensei has taught you during the warm-up training at every lesson. If you have time, you can take a jog before training starts to warm your body up as well as to build on your stamina.

And, Most Importantly, DISCIPLINE

Getting prepared for training also involves discipline. There may be times when you feel tired after a long day’s work from office or school and it may set you to head home or out with friends instead of going to the dojo. Remember, self-discipline and determination is also part of the training of Karate. It is an uphill task, but with perseverance as a learner of Karate, you shall overcome these mental blocks and obstacles.

Are you ready to accept this great commitment and sport? Are you trying to find Karate Perth dojos to start training in? Visit one of the AU’s renowned Karate dojos World Shotokan Karate-do Federation or WSKF Australia on their website https://www.wskfaustralia.com.au/. They have convenient locations at Perth, Cannington, Swan Valley, and Craigie.