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Travelling can be very exciting for kids and all the family. Setting off in the car on a journey; roaring along in an airplane; arriving in a town or country you’ve never been to before.

But other parts of travel, often the long, dull boring parts can be very, very boring indeed, especially for children. Sitting about in a crowded airport; driving along an endless piece of road; waiting for a late bus.

What you need are some simple travel games for the car, games for the plane, games for the train, games for the boat – travel games for kids and all the family!

travel gamesThis web site contains lots and lots of ideas for passing time during the boring bits of travel, travel games, guessing games, action games, word games and other things too to have some fun when travelling. Some games can be played as competitions or just to pass the time and have enjoyable friendly games for all the members of the family be they young or old.

Many of the travel games contained in this website require no equipment at all, others require little, a pen and paper, cards or a few old matchsticks at most.

A few tips…

Never interfere with anyone driving!

A few people feel ill when reading or writing when moving, the best quick cure is just to look out of the window for a minute or two. See more info here travel games for toddlers in the car.

Consider other passengers, if there are lots of people around you, some may like to sleep, some to read, not all will appreciate riotous games from you!

So print out a few pages from this website, pack a few extra pens and have a safe, fun trip and play some travel games along the way!